Our June session will be focussed on ‘Digital Innovation in Huddersfield’ and be held on Wednesday 5th June, 4pm – 6pm at Cathedral House, Huddersfield. This Business Forum is kindly sponsored by Adventoris, the Huddersfield Software as a Service (SaaS) firm behind the leading B2B sales platform, SwiftCloud.

The Forum will provide a brilliant opportunity for people to learn about the latest digital innovations in sales, with James Clarkson able to provide incredible insight into the experiences of SaaS firms and how different sectors are capitalising on digitisation. 
Other key attendees will include Jon Nichols, Sales Director of AI firm AIMAI, who will be happy to have a chat at the event, as well as Jon Lee, MD of Sentini Marine, that has recently launched a mobile app training platform for the shipping industry, both of these wonderful firms are based in Huddersfield. We will also be joined by leaders and businesses who are already seeing the benefits of their own investments in Huddersfield, who will be happy to share their knowledge and experience. The HU team will endeavour to collect key points from the event to build into our future actions.

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