“Welcome to our Business Forum, a new and dynamic platform designed to stimulate and nurture the growth and development of Huddersfield businesses. Open to everyone in business with a keen interest in contributing to our town’s continuing prosperity, the forum targets being a hub of innovative ideas and collaborative efforts.“

Charles Maltby, Programme Director for Huddersfield Unlimited

Digital Innovation Business Forum – 05/06/24

First Business Forum – 15/02/24

Huddersfield Unlimited will be holding three events per year as part of the Business Forum. Each event will have a specific theme and be sponsored by a business operating in the themes sector, although anyone from business can attend any event.

The forum is targeted to not be a “talking shop” but to maximise interaction and engagement. Each attendee can share what they are doing to help build up the town of Huddersfield or ask other attendees for help and support so they can develop their own investment plans. We would like to see those businesses who have successfully invested and developed their activities act like a mentor to those unsure of how to proceed.

There will not be long presentations or speeches although we highlight some of the key attendees in the room for each event and give our sponsors a little time to talk about their business activities. Some sponsors may be able to offer a tour of their premises depending on where the event is to be held.

For each event we will invite key people associated with the theme to be available to answer questions and offer their advice to others. The Huddersfield Unlimited team will always be at hand, gathering valuable insights and capturing unanswered questions from each event to inform and shape our future Forum endeavours.

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