A Cummins’ plant in Huddersfield has been featured in Government Guidelines for safe working in factories, plants and warehouses during Covid-19. Like many businesses across Kirklees, Cummins has changed the way they work to continue to provide essential items for the care sector. Cummins’ plant in Huddersfield and factories across the UK have remained open throughout the pandemic.

Cummins’ products provide emergency back-up power to hospitals and data centres; which are both critical at this time. Their rail and truck delivery services are also used to supply vital food and medicine. To continue to supply equipment necessary for core services in the pandemic, Cummins feel it is imperative to keep essential facilities open and operational.

In response to social distancing measures, two metre distancing is in place across the shop floor while TV screens remind workers to stay safe and keep the correct distance. Lockers have been moved to a larger space and workers’ shift patterns have been altered. These are among a few of the changes that have been made to protect workers at the plant and continue to provide essential products to the nation.

From the start of lockdown and throughout the crisis the Cummins have said that their priority will continue to be the safety and well-being of their employees and the communities in which they operate. The company keep in regular contact with the UK Government and follow their guidance closely.

Site leader, John Clark and Plant Manager, Gary Waterhouse have recognised the excellent teams from Operations, Manufacturing Engineering, Maintenance and their contractors in achieving a safe environment. They have also praised the efforts of everyone entering the site during this time and their adherence to new ways of working.

A Cummins spokesperson said:

“For us, I would state that running a business always throws up new challenges and that we approached this as we approach everything, using our values and in particular our caring and our teamwork. Everyone pulling together to resolve any problems and keep everyone safe and well.”

Kirklees Council Leader, Cllr Shabir Pandor said:

“It’s great that a Kirklees business has been recognised for the brilliant work they are doing. The pandemic has presented huge challenges for manufacturing plants here in Kirklees and across the UK. Since social distancing guidance was introduced and our health care system began the fight against coronavirus, manufacturers like Cummins have faced the challenge of sky-rocketing demand alongside a diminished workforce. 

“Cummins have also been featured as an exemplar organisation in Government publications on how employers can use innovative ways to ensure their workforce is safe whilst at the same time continue to manufacture. It is vital that in response to the pandemic businesses continue to put the health and well-being of their employees first and Cummins are a prime example of how businesses can do this while continuing to support our efforts against coronavirus.”