Huddersfield Live is spreading some positivity this festive season in Huddersfield, with the return of the popular Huddersfield Winter Festival, at St George’s Square, from 2nd December to 24th December. Everyone can once again look forward to a unique and festive community experience with a truly magical atmosphere.

Our friends at Huddersfield Live CIC alongside founding partners Stafflex Recruitment and The Star Inn, are helping to create a real community feel within the town and surrounding areas, and we encourage businesses, organisations and individuals to support them in any way possible.

Sadly, these events do not just ‘magically’ appear, especially following our down time during the pandemic. This year has been difficult for everyone and it looks as though it will be for a while, which means it is vital that we all support each other and get through with a smile and some positivity.  Huddersfield Live has a host of experiences for people to enjoy and be part of throughout the duration of the festival, while enabling local charities, organisations, businesses, individuals to use the facilities to engage and highlight themselves.

There are many ways to become involved perhaps:

  • Become a partner in ‘Making things happen’ by way of sponsorship

(We can tailor to your budget and requirements – every little helps)

  • Donations of anything we can ‘pass on’ to help and support those in need during the winter months
  • Gift any time, services you may be able to offer as a business to enable us to deliver the event
  • Support by social media
  • Bring your colleagues and friends along for a ‘bit of a doo’
  • Chocolate for the hardworking team!!!

If any businesses or organisations would like to hold any meetings, networking, Christmas drinks, or yoga sessions in Huddersfield Live’s tipis over the period, just get in contact. The space is there to be used so please feel free to get in touch.


Huddersfield Live Team