Kirklees Council’s plan for the next year, which aims to improve opportunities for everyone in the borough as we recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, has been approved by Cabinet.

Our Council Plan – which builds on the Council’s vision for Kirklees to be a place that combines a strong, sustainable economy with a great quality of life – will now be voted on by Full Council on Wednesday 13 October 2021.

The plan’s key aim is for Kirklees to bounce back from the Covid-19 pandemic stronger and to tackle inequalities, creating a place where everyone has the same opportunities to fulfil their potential.

The plan also includes a series of immediate actions that will kick-start Kirklees’ recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, including progress on important town centre improvements throughout the borough, major investment in road and transport schemes and a renewed focus on the crucial everyday services which benefit everyone.

You can read Our Council Plan on Kirklees Council’s website.

Councillor Shabir Pandor, Leader of Kirklees Council, said: “This is a plan that isn’t just about recovery, but about how we come back even stronger in every town and village in Kirklees.

“The Council Plan aims to build a strong, sustainable economy and a place that offers all residents a great quality of life in a clean and safe environment.

“The pandemic has bluntly exposed the inequalities that exist in our society. I’m proud to say that this a plan that will work towards creating a place where every single person has the same opportunities to fulfil their potential and no one is left behind. This is about breaking down the barriers that unfairly stand in some people’s way and creating a level playing field.

“This means delivering outstanding children’s services and education, so all young people get the very best start in life. It means transforming our town centres, to attract more investment and support all local businesses to thrive. Providing better access to training, so the jobs created can be filled by local people. Investing in better, greener, faster and more frequent transport that helps us tackle the climate crisis. Improving health outcomes for all, building more affordable homes and addressing the inequalities that lead to the most deprived suffering the most.

“This is our long-term plan, but we also know that the last 18 months have caused disruptions to our every day services and recovery also means getting back to full capacity, now. So, we’re delivering a short-term recovery plan on top of the Council Plan which will see us putting extra resources into frontline environmental services to get services back up and running at the pace and quality residents rightly demand. We know how important tidy streets, high quality roads and other every day services are to everyone. This work starts straight away.

“None of the aspirations we are setting out in this plan can be achieved by the council alone. If this crisis has taught us anything, it’s that we work better when we’re standing together.

“The pandemic has shown us what’s possible when public bodies, business and communities work together with a common aim. That’s the spirit we will take forward with this Council Plan. This plan also includes a new pledge to work with residents even more closely, to listen to your priorities and to reflect your ambitions in our actions.

“The past eighteen months have been painful for so many residents in Kirklees. At the same time, it has shown the best of us. That is why our plan has optimism and determination at its heart and why I am confident we can deliver for people across Kirklees – and that really does mean everyone.”