Huddersfield based, Specialist Glass Products, has launched protective glass screens for offices, in preparation for the nation’s return to work. The screens aim to help prevent the spread of viruses and any other contagious illnesses.

The protective glass screens are an ideal solution to enable employees to social distance in the office, and other workplace environments. The glass is high enough to give protection, but not too high to make employees feel cut off and isolated. The screens also reduce unwanted office noise as the material has sound-reducing properties.

The idea came about when Andrew Taylor, Managing Director at Specialist Glass Products, was considering what measures he could put in place for his staff to be able to safely return to work.

Andrew said, “Supermarkets have been introducing Perspex screens in response to the virus, however, if we are thinking of longer-term solutions to protect people, glass screens are a much better option as they are more durable, resistant to scratches and are easier to clean. Thinking about and planning for the future, in particular when it comes to health and safety should be on everyone’s agenda.”

The screens can be manufactured to any size and can be made using toughened or laminated glass. The screens can include privacy bands and incorporate company branding such as logos. Fastenings for the screens are also included.

“It has certainly been a difficult few weeks for manufacturers and other businesses across the UK. We are glad to be getting back up to speed operationally and even more so to be helping provide vital protection against COVID-19. Although the screens have just been launched, we are pleased to have already received many enquires, which is promising.” Andrew added.