Name and role: Emma Robinson, Managing Director

Organisation: Red Diamond Executive Headhunters

Sector: Executive Search/Recruitment

Describe what your organisation does? 

Red Diamond is home to global headhunting experts, we find professionals others cant. We apply a fresh perspective to ensure we place the perfect candidate within businesses. We recruit for tomorrow not today.


How many staff do you employ?



What does your role entail? 

As the Managing Director of Red Diamond Executive Headhunters and Red Diamond Recruitment I set and help to implement the strategy. I work closely with 2 other divisional managers who do most of the say to day running of the businesses. 2022 has started and we are on fire – we are witnessing a huge boom and this year I am focussing on growing the team and expanding our office footprint.

We are still relatively small so a huge part of my role is as a hands on International Executive headhunter. I have my own clients and work closely with a researcher. I am constantly networking, interviewing, I am passionate about customer service, managing a robust process and delivering an exceptional service to our clients. As a hands on MD I feel it is very important to lead by example and show the team what good looks like.
I have an incredibly busy career and have lots of plates to spin. I never stop!


What attracted you to start/operate your business in Huddersfield?

We actually set the business up in the Middle East the UK business was born from a client who is based in the US. They asked us to work on US based positions which initially was fine but due to the time zones it was becoming too much. We always knew we would one day return to the UK and home for Simon and I is Huddersfield. As a headhunter you can be based virtually anywhere. Huddersfield is a great place to have a business we have lots of thriving industry around us, we have fantastic transport networks and the people are just lovely. Occasionally we lose out on business because we don’t have a London head office – I can live with that!


Name some of your biggest business achievements:

I have a team of superb people – I believe in practising what we preach. We will continue to grow this year and can self-finance doubling our head count and our office footprint.

We set up the company in a recession and we grew during COVID – I sometimes pinch myself when I think of how hard we all worked and how this has impacted where we are today.

Last year we won 3 business awards and I myself was a winner of the insider the 42 under 42.


What advice would you give to someone looking to set up or relocate their business in Huddersfield?

Do it! For the reasons I mentioned above but also this town has a great community spirit.


What are your hopes for Huddersfield 10 years from now (2030)?

I really hope the government invest in the town centre. I’m so sad to say that it’s a dump and badly needs some investment. I personally go out of my way to avoid it!


On a personal level, what do you love most about the town?

I love how Huddersfield is lifestyle-enhancing: In 10 minutes we can be walking in the hills, in 30 minutes I can be shopping in Leeds, I could be eating in one of the local amazing restaurants or I could be bouncing around in a trampoline park with my kids. I often get asked why on earth did I leave Dubai – I can honestly say its been no hardship (I do miss the sun and the diversity of people but that’s about it).


Where is your favourite place to eat/drink in Huddersfield?

I’m a foodie I could write a list but my favourites are as follow:

  • Indian – Laxmi in Berry Brow
  • Three Acres – Roydhouse (Shelley)
  • Catch – Holmfirth
  • Mezze –  Holmfirth
  • Rumpus Burger in Slaithwaite  – I’ve never been here but my team RAVE about this place


Are there any recommendations or local knowledge you’d like to share with a visitor?

Avoid the town centre and head to the villages: Holmfirth, Honley, Slaithwaite and Lindley are such nice places to visit. If you have kids / fancy a nice walk we love Beaumont Park and Greenhead Park. When it snows take your sledge to Holme Moss – its like being in a ski resort.


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