Name and role: Jenny Kilburn, Founder and Managing DirectorJenny Kilburn Synergos Consultancy Ltd Huddersfield

Organisation: Synergos Consultancy Ltd

Sector: ISO and Health and Safety Consultants

Describe what your organisation does? 

Synergos is a specialist consultancy company who assist businesses to achieve various means of compliance, including; ISO Certifications, Health & Safety Management, SSIP Accreditations, AEO Status, GDPR Compliance and more. Working closely with UKAS accredited certification bodies and accreditation services, we provide clients with established and practiced methods of achieving desired results. Based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire Synergos is conveniently located to partner with businesses across Yorkshire and major UK cities.

How many staff do you employ?

We currently have 6 members of staff.

What does your role entail?

My role includes supporting the team within their own roles. The consultancy work is supporting clients to achieve and retain their ISO certifications. I also work a lot on business development which ensures the business continues to grow and coming up with new ideas and services to improve growth opportunities and widen the services we provide to our clients.

If a startup/business owner: What attracted you to start/operate your business in Huddersfield?

I’ve lived in Huddersfield all my life and I wanted Huddersfield to be the base which would allow me to provide local people employment opportunities without having to travel further afield.

Name some of your biggest business achievements:

Being able to give something back to the community, which includes funding for a local dance school, charity events and monthly charity donations to our chosen charity of the year. I am proud of employing a team of amazing and talented people, which in turn has allowed us to gain long term business contracts.  I am also very proud of the fact that we have continued to grow year on year. And for a business that has only been operating for 7 years, I do believe these are huge achievements.

What advice would you give to someone looking to set up or relocate their business in Huddersfield?

Advice for setting up a business – ensure you have 100% clarity in what you are offering and that there is a clear market for what you are selling.  Enjoy what you are doing and never give up if it is something worth fighting for. Make contacts and keep up with local businesses.

What are your hopes for Huddersfield 10 years from now (2030)?

For the town to continue to attract talented entrepreneurs/business owners who will continue to make it a great place to work and live.

On a personal level, what do you love most about the town?

There are some beautiful and scenic areas for walking, which I absolutely love.

Where is your favourite place to eat/drink in Huddersfield?

The Pickled Pheasant in Holmbridge, Holmfirth is a great place to have a meal and drink.

Are there any recommendations or local knowledge youd like to share with a visitor?

Anyone visiting Huddersfield must pay a visit to Holmfirth – Surely everyone has heard of the Last of the Summer Wine!


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