For our latest personal profile, Our Huddersfield has caught up with Laura Greenwood of Laura Greenwood Therapy.

So, Laura, what does your business do? 

We provide psychological assessments and psychotherapy interventions to anyone struggling with their mental health and wellbeing.  Supporting people to move towards living a life that they love, in line with their values, and loving themselves.  Something that we believe everyone can achieve. 

We specialise in overcoming trauma, emotional regulation, and maternal mental health.

We also prove corporate wellbeing packages around supporting mothers to balance their competing values of career and motherhood, and consultancy to businesses who wish to better support their parent employees, from maternity to return to work following maternity. 

What attracted you to start/operate your business in Huddersfield?

I live in Huddersfield, and a big part of leaving my role in the NHS, to start my own psychotherapy business, was to create a more balanced valued life myself.  Supporting myself to be the best version of myself as a mother, for my family, for myself, and for the clients that I serve.

What advice would you give to someone looking to set up or relocate their business in Huddersfield?

I would say this to anyone starting a business.  Always focus on how you want to show up and what matters to you.  Just like there is no right or wrong way to mother, there is no right way to start or run a business. 

Also, consider, why do you want to start your business? What is the driving force? I have come across so many businesses over the past few years and the difference between those that are still going and those that aren’t, are generally those setting up from a place of wanting to help people.

Consider, how and who do you wish to serve and how can your business contribute to Huddersfield being a better place to be.

Every job I undertake, I always ask myself if this is in line with how I want to show up in my business? In line with my business goals? If the answers are no, then I won’t take it on. 

I know I can show up best for everyone in my life, including in my business, if I am physically and mentally well myself.    

What I can say is always following my gut instinct, asking myself those questions, and making choices from a place of intuition, from love, my values, from a place of wanting to enjoy my work, has worked for me.  I have been running full time for just over a year now and without a doubt it has helped me to grow. 

From a psychotherapist and personal perspective, I can truthfully say that this is how you can grow and sustain a business over a long period.  Without burning yourself out.  Because what is the point of starting and running a business if you are either not enjoying it or you are suffering short and long term as a result?

What are your hopes for Huddersfield 10 years from now?

As someone who spent most of their teenage years in Halifax, our neighbouring town, I have watched Halifax transform into a gorgeous town centre where people actively want to be.  I would really like to see this happen to Huddersfield and see money injected into it so that more people want to come and spend time here.  As a result, growing the local economy. 

I am not Huddersfield born and bred.  But without a doubt I consider Honley, Huddersfield, my home.  It is where I have built a beautiful community.  It is where my son was born.  It is where I plan to be for the rest of my life. 

On a personal level, what do you love most about the town?

I love how it can feel like you are at times in the rural middle of nowhere.  It has some breath-taking views and walks. 

I love the village communities within Huddersfield and am proud to be part of the Honley one myself.  But I also love the opportunity to travel and explore further afield.  I believe Huddersfield offers both.

In line with my hopes that Huddersfield becomes more of a place that people want to be, I think Kirklees’ Council’s plans for the ‘Cultural Heart’ are promising!

I very much look forward to seeing how Huddersfield grows as a result of the changes they are planning. 

Do you have a favourite shop in Huddersfield?

I simply cannot choose one ‘shop’, there are just too many goodies!

As a Psychotherapist I practice what I preach.  My wellbeing is at the heart of everything I do, and I know doing so supports me to be my best for my son, my family, my friends, my clients. 

I absolutely love taking time out to have a flat white, nourishing brunch and people watch at some of my favourite spots.  Arcade Coffee & Food in the Byram Arcade, Coffeevolution, or The Northern Tea House in the centre. 

We have some beautiful nourishing spas on our doorstep, in the form of Alexandra House in Birkby or The Coach House Healing Centre in Marsden. 

I am also partial to a cheeky glass of wine with charcuterie!  If this is also your thing you must visit the gorgeous little wine bar that is Cask in Holmfirth. 

What is still on your “to do” list in Huddersfield

I really want to explore more of the countryside walks in and around Huddersfield with my husband and son, when he is old enough to not complain the whole way round!

What’s your idea of the perfect day, or a perfect weekend in Huddersfield? 

I would finish work early on a Friday, after seeing my clients, to have a flat white and avocado on toast, at Arcade in Huddersfield.  Then I’d have a massage, pamper package and visit the thermal rooms at Alexandra Spa before a restful evening in with my family. 

On Saturday a long walk with my family or friends, maybe in Marsden, before getting ready to head out for a glass of red wine and charcuterie at Cask, Holmfirth.  Finally moving onto watch and dance the night away to a band at the Picturedrome, in Holmfirth. 

A Sunday then spent in my garden.  Watering my plants.  A BBQ on the go.  Listening to the chatter, laughter, tantrums, meltdowns that come, with a normal, everyday, Huddersfield, family.

Are there any recommendations or local knowledge you’d like to share with a visitor? 

Take some time to potter around and explore the little villages that surround the centre.  Lindley, Honley, Holmfirth, Slaithwaite, Marsden, Kirkburton, to name a few!

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