Sean Jarvis

Where do you live?


What do you currently do?

Commercial Director for Huddersfield Town

What is your personal connection to Huddersfield?

I have worked in the Town for 15 years

What is your favourite thing about the town?

I would say the Terriers 😉 However I think it’s the people of the Town – I travel the length and breadth of the country and I can honestly say there is no one as friendly as Huddersfield folk.

Who, or what business do you most admire in Huddersfield and why?

I love the views from Castle Hill on a sunny day. But as companies go I am a big fan of Thornton and Ross (who have some international brands made on our doorstep)

What, in your opinion, has been the standout moments in Huddersfield’s history?

Again I have got to be slightly biased but Huddersfield Town getting to the Premier League, is a favourite of mine. A close second would be us beating Manchester United at home in the Premier League

Where is your favourite place to eat/drink in Huddersfield?

I’ve always enjoyed going to Revolution De Cuba or eating out at Eric’s in Lindley (the Food and Drink festival is pretty good too 😉)

Can you share any local knowledge to help visitors to Huddersfield?

Loads… including, Huddersfield Town was the first team to win the league title 3 times in a row (only been copied by Liverpool, Manchester United and Arsenal). Also that the glass in the London Eye is made in Huddersfield, also that David Beckhams wedding suit (like most suits) was made in Huddersfield, also that the Sex Pistols last concert was in Huddersfield, also that Jodie Whittaker (Dr Who), Patrick Stewart (X Men) are big Huddersfield Town Fans, also at the time of writing Huddersfield Town remains the ‘newest (number 49)’ club to the Premier League…. I could go on if you wanted!

 What would you like to see happening in Huddersfield in 2030?

I would like to see some inward investment into our Town centre, our surrounding villages are great but we need some character back into the Town Centre…. We need to seem something that really celebrates our heritage and DNA as a Town. Whilst its difficult to compete with big cities around us, we really need to embrace and enhance our heritage, such as the clothing industry (so having summer Fashion shows in the town centre would be great). Encourage businesses to proposer in the Town centre, whilst creating some classy Town centre living accommodation too (that attracts people from Leeds and Manchester to live here – wealth generates wealth). And a direct link to London from the most picturesque train station (Huddersfield) in the country would be brilliant for our local economy too.