Kirklees Council’s Cabinet has approved nearly £3million of investment in initiatives, facilities and technology as the council prepares to move into the next phase of its Waste and Recycling Strategy. The budget covers parts of the strategic delivery up until the end of 2025.

Councillor Will Simpson, Cabinet Member for Culture and Greener Kirklees, said:

“Our Waste and Recycling Strategy set out a bold plan which will improve key services that matter to our residents and will take us forward in our ambition to become a cleaner, greener district.

“These proposals will invest in those key services that touch every street in our district.”

Cabinet has approved funding for the introduction of a Community Reward Scheme aimed at empowering communities to enrich their economy, environment, and wellbeing. Other ideas being considered are funding for the development of a Community Chest. This will provide small grants for practical items to support reuse and waste minimisation initiatives in the community and to incentivise reward schemes that focus on improving recycling rates.

The planned expansion of the existing Reuse facilities at the Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRC) at Emerald Street in Huddersfield and Weaving Lane in Dewsbury could see a trial Reuse shop open in Huddersfield. This would enable residents to buy perfectly good items previously donated at the two HWRCs. During the initial trial period which began earlier this year, over 70 tonnes of materials have been donated. Funds generated from the sale of these items have gone toward assisting good causes in and outside of Kirklees.

Taking an innovative approach, the council is looking at trialling a partnership with a third sector reuse organisation that can collect previously loved furniture items and distribute them to Kirklees communities with significant needs. The purpose of this new service would be to reduce numbers of bulky furniture items sent to landfill and associated disposal costs for the council.=

Another key part of the Waste and Recycling strategy is to improve litter bin facilities including on street recycling with a comprehensive in-house audit of all litter bins across the borough to take place.

Approval of funds will also enable the council to trial innovative solutions for on-the-go recycling, such as big-belly bins – large solar-powered bins that compact the waste inside – and auto-sorting bins, which are designed to separate different types of waste so it can be recycled. Both types of bin are designed for use in large footfall public places like parks.

Kirklees has had considerable success in prosecuting environmental criminals and wants to go further in strengthening its zero-tolerance approach to fly-tipping. Cabinet has also approved further investment in new and innovative technology to tackle environmental crime.

Kirklees residents will be pleased to know that the return of a kerbside glass collection is being planned for with the trialling of various communal and business bins as well as collection vehicles across selected areas of the district. The trial is set to commence later this year.

The full Waste and Resource strategy can be found here –  Resources and Waste Strategy 2021-2030 | Kirklees Council