Name: Adrian Lythgo

What is your background?

I’ve held senior roles in both the private and public sectors, most recently in local and regional government. I’m now an advisor to the University of Huddersfield, as part of a broader portfolio of paid and voluntary roles.

What inspired you to join Huddersfield Unlimited?

My family has lived in Huddersfield for more than 20 years and I was involved in the community locally before I started in local government. My children have grown up in the town and I think the world outside needs to understand what makes it a genuinely great place to live and work.

Explain your role within Huddersfield Unlimited?

I’m the University of Huddersfield’s nominee to the Board so I seek to make sure that the University’s perspectives are considered for the future and that the University’s broader commitment to the Town is reflected in our work. I am currently leading the work stream of transport and connectivity so that we make the most of the town’s strategic geographical position and that the future infrastructure needs of the town are addressed.

What do you think are Huddersfield’s main strengths and how can they be capitalised on?

It’s a real place where people and businesses show great commitment to the town centre and the villages that make up the “town”. We have great creativity in the products and services that are conceived and made here and in the wider musical and creative scene. We should make sure that this is widely appreciated and understood as a basis for future investment and to inform decisions to locate here for both businesses and for families.

What is your vision for the town in 2030?

It should be a place where young people choose to stay when they have completed their formal education because there are opportunities and amenities that meet their aspirations and needs. We would really like younger adults to get involved in our networks and workstreams to address this.

If you could have one wish for Huddersfield, what would it be? E.g. this could be a specific development, cultural or other outcome.

A shared sense of confidence in the town, its businesses and its University to exploit the opportunities of the future together, celebrating our heritage without being trapped by it.