Name: John Harman

What is your background?

Leadership roles in public, private and third sectors

What inspired you to join Huddersfield Unlimited?

Belief in our town

Explain your role within Huddersfield Unlimited?

Chairman and general sweeper-up.

What do you think are Huddersfield’s main strengths and how can they be capitalised on?

Location, character, people, sense of community and they speak for themselves.

What is your vision for the town in 2030?

Open and tolerant, the bridge between the Manchester and Leeds subregions, a growth point for creativity offering great quality of life, a great place for families and the young.

If you could have one wish for Huddersfield, what would it be? E.g. this could be a specific development, cultural or other outcome.

A town centre that is the hub of the community.