Social by AlexaInfluencer marketing. An ideal channel for a brand looking to raise awareness and grow its consumer base, but can influencer marketing work in a B2B setting? According to Yorkshire-based tech startup, Socialsendr, yes it can, with the business seeing an immediate increase in platform sign ups following a campaign with a nano influencer on TikTok.

While TikTok is relatively new to many brands, it is especially rare for B2B companies to focus their marketing efforts on a fun, video-based platform aimed at a younger audience, but sometimes a fresh approach can reap dividends as co-founder of Socialsendr, Michelle Cowan, discovered. 

Following the relaunch of socialsendr, Michelle decided to try a new approach to marketing in 2021, partnering with nano influencer Social by Alexa, who has 30k TikTok followers, to create a short 30 second intro video on socialsendr.  Almost instantly, the platform saw 80 new sign ups following the post, proving that working with nano influencers isn’t reserved for companies looking to sell fashion or beauty products, it can work for anyone with a story to tell to a wide audience. 

Michelle Cowan, co-founder of socialsendr explains: “Influencer marketing is incredibly popular with bigger brands, and often overlooked in the B2B community by smaller firms who feel they can’t afford the investment. But I’ve discovered first hand that influencer marketing comes in all shapes and sizes, outperforming traditional paid media such as social media advertising and PPC.

“It’s an option every business can consider as part of its marketing activity. Nano influencers are highly influential as they are talking to a much more engaged audience, who want to connect with them on a deeper level. If we retain half of these sign ups, it will justify our decision to invest in the influencer market in the future.”

Michelle Cowan

Alexa Wilkinson, nano influencer and social media manager, comments: “I was thrilled to work with socialsendr on this. Being able to schedule content and be given content ideas is genius. So many small businesses get stuck with what to post on a daily basis, making the platform a big time saver.”

There are more than 600 million active monthly users on TikTok at the moment, and that number is growing every single day. The social platform celebrates new connections and allows businesses to reach a whole new audience.

Socialsendr is the only web-based platform on the market that can create, schedule and post content on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, transforming the way in which sole traders and freelancers deliver their social media, eliminating the need to invest in additional staff resource, saving hours each week. 

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