On Monday 8 January, the next phase of work will begin on Huddersfield Railway Station as part of the Transpennine Route Upgrade.

While work has already begun to improve facilities for passengers inside Huddersfield Railway Station, this next phase of work will involve work on the outside of the building.

Through the Transpennine Route Upgrade (TRU) restorations will be performed to the roof, which will mean the station’s long-stay car park and part of Railway Street will be temporarily closed for the duration of this work.

This will also mean changes to short-stay parking, pick-up and drop-off points throughout the work – however, these provisions will still be available throughout in slightly different locations.  From 8 January, people visiting the station will see extra signage directing traffic and pedestrians around St. George’s Square.

Huddersfield Railway Station will be one of several stations in Kirklees to undergo work as part of the TRU – Network Rail’s major programme of railway improvements which are set to improve journeys for passengers travelling between Manchester, Huddersfield and York.

The enterprise delivering the TRU – made up of Network Rail as well as train operating companies and contractors – have warned those travelling from Huddersfield to allow extra time for their journeys and transfers.  Their work on the outside of the station should take around three years to complete.

Through the TRU, billions are being invested to better connect towns and cities across the north of England, which will result in more frequent, faster trains and a cleaner, greener railway, tying in with Kirklees Council’s goals to improve the connectedness of local town centres and villages with the rest of the north and beyond.  Work on the TRU also supports the council’s green agenda, as providing a better public transport infrastructure will help provide local people with more realistic alternatives to travel by car.

Improvements to Huddersfield Railway Station will support the Huddersfield Blueprint, one of the key focal points for which is the area surrounding St. George’s Square.  This investment in creating a modern station and rail network also greatly factors into long-term investment plans for the Station to Stadium Enterprise Corridor, an area highlighted for major economic development within Huddersfield.

Councillor Graham Turner, Cabinet Member for Finance & Regeneration, says:

“As a council we’re very supportive of the Transpennine Route Upgrade.  It links so well with everything we’re trying to achieve for Kirklees, and through the TRU we’re seeing huge investment in our public transport system and in upgrading our local stations.

“Projects like the Huddersfield Blueprint are all about encouraging more footfall in our town centres for decades to come, and having a sustainable transport infrastructure to support that will truly bring us into the twenty-first century.  Strong relationships with other organisations, and always working towards the bigger picture, are how we will achieve our ambitious goals for the future of Kirklees.”

Paul Sumner, Senior Sponsor for the Transpennine Route Upgrade, says:

“Huddersfield Railway Station is an iconic building and an intrinsic part of West Yorkshire’s heritage, so whilst this series of improvements are necessary, the restoration and retention of its historic features is of paramount importance.

“That’s why – after an extensive, in-depth planning process – the Transpennine Route Upgrade will bring the station up to modern standards in terms of functionality, without harming its cultural and traditional significance.”