At Huddersfield Unlimited, we want to stand up for our town, to tell the world about our unlimited opportunities and to help attract investment from outside the region to grow our economy, and in turn our quality of life. After speaking to local businesses, our supporters, our partners at the University of Huddersfield and our Local Authority, we have built up an understanding of which opportunities are ripe for the taking.

Aside from our work on transport & connectivity, and the commercial property market, we will be focussing our efforts on promoting Huddersfield as an excellent place for digital, creative and tech businesses to start-up or grow, and be part of a thriving ecosystem of creative people and spaces in the heart of the Northern Powerhouse economy.

If you are a creative, digital or tech business looking for a base in the North, come and take a look, we want to hear from you…

Huddersfield Unlimited Transport Stream


Our aim is to collaborate with interested businesses and groups locally to clarify our collective view of the top 5 transport and connectivity priorities for the future. We will take account of both planned investment and longer-term trends that will impact the transport and connectivity needs of the town.

At a regional and national level, we aim to influence transport policy and investment plans and support initiatives which achieve the identified priorities and improve all aspects of travel into and around Huddersfield. This includes road, rail, cycling, walking all forms of public and green and sustainable transport and alternatives to transport including digital connectivity. We will focus on where we believe we are now and where we need to be in the future.

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Huddersfield Unlimited’s property group comprises sector-specific property development experts all with a key focus on the town and its surrounding area. Working both within and adjacent to the Kirklees Council Blueprint developments areas such as the Station to Stadium Corridor, the group looks toward the existing property owners and managers with a desire to help catalyse their investment opportunities for the overall benefit of the town over the next few years.

In order to help accelerate the future progress of Huddersfield as the hub in the North for inward investment, capitalising on the investments already being made by Kirklees Council, the University of Huddersfield, Northern Rail and the West Yorkshire Mayors office, Huddersfield Unlimited also targets specific buildings and locations around the area, liaising with all the interested parties to identify new opportunities and strategic fit with all other known investment activities.

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