Huddersfield has over 3,000 listed building in and around the town, as well very modern buildings such as those recently built by the University of Huddersfield.

Balancing the old with the new is an important challenge for property developers as well as interested bodies such as our colleagues in Huddersfield Civic Society.

Huddersfield Unlimited aims to act as a catalyst and draw together the key decision makers to look for opportunities as and when they arise.

This may be as simple as supporting an existing local business look for new larger premises in the region, a challenge in itself given the limited access to flat building land around Huddersfield, but a necessary one to ensure the future growth and job retention for the town.

Alternatively, this may relate to recognising the strategic importance of land and buildings near to the railway line as the huge investment National Rail are making into the Trans Pennine Railway Upgrade, shows the significance of Huddersfield as the rail centre for the Eastern side of the Pennines.

Support is also given to the understanding of future locations for accommodation development, ranging from upmarket apartments for business people taking advantage of the short journey times from Huddersfield to Leeds and Manchester, to mid range flats suitable for those people moving to Huddersfield to take advantage of new job opportunities as well as supporting the universities need for student accommodation.

New people living in and near the town centre also highlight that we support the development of retail, catering and entertainment investment opportunities in the town centre alongside our partners.