MPWR, the Yorkshire business that aims to support and connect like-minded businesswomen, has relaunched creating an online community where its members can come together to learn, develop and thrive.

MPWR Tracy and Kerry

MPWR Tracy and Kerry

Previously known as Women Mean Business, MPWR has spent the last seven years organising highly successful face to face networking events and exhibitions for female entrepreneurs and business owners throughout the York area, but when the pandemic hit a new business model was needed to ensure future growth.

Specialising in supporting women on their journey through life and business, the founders behind MPWR have expanded their offering and taken it virtual creating the MPWR Business Club for women everywhere.

A private space where women can connect collaborate, learn and develop professionally and personally, everything is under one virtual roof with members now having access to masterclasses, workshops, inspirational talks and an ever-growing resource library, created by industry experts. Online networking is also available in a relaxed, informal setting, with no 60-second intros or dress codes.

Much more than an online networking site, this new business club is about inspiring women to reach their goals and grow their business, in a way that suits them. With almost 100 members from all business sectors, women in the group can learn from CEO’s of successful multinationals through to founders of start-ups who have turned a passion into an income.

Practical training workshops dive deeper into key topics such as positive mindset and marketing through to finance and 90-day planning, with all members taking a hands-on approach to learning and development. All with the added benefit of being able to participate online and interact at a time that suits them.

With the effects of the pandemic still felt far and wide, many women have used this time to reflect on their careers and pursue new avenues, with research showing that the burden of the pandemic has been felt worse by women with their jobs 1.8 times more vulnerable to the crisis than men’s jobs.

Tracy, the founder behind MPWR, formed the network in her home town of York in 2016 with the goal of bringing women together to empower each other. In 2020, as the pandemic hit, Tracy soon realised that her face to face networking and events business was not going to survive and needed a new direction.

Tracy explains: “The business was built on the foundations of empowering women through face to face networking, which allowed our members to thrive. But the pandemic soon brought an end to all that. Sat facing the loss of seven years hard work, I knew I needed to adopt a new approach.

“I began working with Kerry Perks of Perks Marketing (Huddersfield) in summer last year as she was an active member of the group, and between us we decided to take the business online to a global platform of women who can connect anytime, anywhere. Kerry is an established marketeer and between us we have transformed the business offering a complete digital model.”

Together Tracy and Kerry have relaunched the MPWR Business Club with Kerry bringing with her 15 + years marketing, sales and leadership experience to support Tracy in transforming her business.

Tracy continues: “Our goal is to encourage women to fulfil their passion and dream, even though times are tough. Our guest speakers, inspirational talks and workshops encourage women to create their own income and do it in a way that suits them and their lifestyle, making a positive out of this pandemic.”

Now a global business with members joining virtually from as far as South Africa, MPWR is actively recruiting for managers in all towns and cities to help them spread the word and create new communities of female business owners. These managers will become brand ambassadors in their area to extend the MPWR network nationally, with an incentive scheme and earning potential available.

Plans are in place to offer a hybrid model as the roadmap begins to ease lockdown, with the virtual business club supplemented by face to face networking and events when safe to do so.

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