The online shop will make it easier than ever for our shoppers to support us, we want it to be as quick and as easy a process as ever. We have managed to do this with the new technology installed on our website, meaning we can process orders quicker than ever.

The shop, will initially sell its ever popular Christmas Cards, with new product lines following including branded merchandise and gift vouchers towards patient care.

The Kirkwood already sell donated second-hand goods on eBay and in 22 shops across Kirklees.

Donna Weston, Head of retail with The Kirkwood, says “The Kirkwood are always thinking of new ways to engage with our supporters and to come up with fresh new ideas to help us raise vital funds. Our physical shops have always been really well supported by the Kirklees community and our online shop is just another opportunity for people to support us from the comfort of their own homes.”

With online sales going from strength to strength The Kirkwood hope to tap into the growing trend and raise more funds to help its work.

Gary Stancliffe, who works with The Kirkwood, said “Our new online shop will help raise more funds towards The Kirkwood’s vital work helping the most vulnerable  people in Kirklees. We’ve seen great success on eBay, which has really helped throughout the pandemic, our online store will make it even easier to support us.”

Rachael Filak, Trading Co-ordinator with The Kirkwood said “”We look forward to adding even more products to the shop in the coming months. We see this as a new exciting step for The Kirkwood.”