UK Government figures show that Huddersfield students, on graduation, are more likely to obtain jobs or enjoy success in further study

NEW figures compiled by Government statisticians show how University of Huddersfield students are among those most likely to land jobs or go on to further study soon after graduation.  A wide range of courses, from healthcare to history, English studies and the performing arts are at or near the top of the table for employability or further study.

For example, 95.2 per cent of graduates in English studies secure jobs or go on to further study within a year of graduation.  This means that Huddersfield is ranked GB’s number one in this subject area.

The UK Government has released the latest findings of research into graduate outcomes in England, Scotland and Wales.  They provide detailed information on employment levels and earnings for former students one, three and five years after graduation.  The latest figures are for the 2017/18 tax year and are broken down into subject areas.

Humanities and Health leading the way

A variety of subjects at Huddersfield figure in the country’s top quartile of mainstream* universities for employability and progression to further study.  They include history and archaeology, which are placed in the GB top 10 and at number one in Yorkshire for both one and three years after graduation – with employment or further study figures at 93.5 and 90.2 per cent respectively.

Media, journalism and communications studies rank second in GB three years after graduation, with rates for employment or further study at 91.6, fractionally behind the number one university.

Other strong performing subject areas at Huddersfield include nursing and midwifery, which rank in the top five and number one in Yorkshire for one year (97.9 per cent) and three years after graduation (97.8 per cent).

Performing arts are ranked top in Yorkshire for five years after graduation, with an employment or further study level of 89.5 per cent.

The University of Huddersfield’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Tim Thornton, is delighted by the findings of the new graduate outcomes research.

“In all our subject areas, we have always placed great emphasis on the employability of graduates and it is always deeply encouraging when official figures show that our policies are paying dividends for former students,” he said.

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*Mainstream universities are those that have an annual income of more than £100 million (HESA Finance, 18/19)